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Seattle Met Dings Orfeo; Salted Sea a Coup for Columbia City

Eater reads the reviews so you don't have to.

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In a recent round up of restaurant reviews, Seattle's critics visit Orfeo, Heyday, Super Six, and Salted Sea. Here's what they had to say:

Kathryn Robinson at Seattle Met called Orfeo a "tourist restaurant," and advises locals to skip it: "From the moment you walk in off Third Avenue it’s amply clear that Orfeo is all about the hotel guest: It’s huge (sprawling on two levels, in the old Brasa space), its service palely pleasant, its Italian menu at once focus grouped and needing focus, its food palely produced across the board. Among the pastas, a tomato creme tagliatelle was oversauced and underinteresting; among mains, a roasted half chicken was oddly flavorless for meat that had taken a trip through a wood oven and was arrayed on soggy panzanella."

On the flipside, Robinson praises Heyday and Super Six: "The two opened within days of each other last September, in the next-door-neighborhoods of Mount Baker and Columbia City. Heyday, on the Mount Baker–Leschi Ridge, draws more families, and Super Six in downtown Columbia City more young adults—but both are generally packed evenings, drawing on the bottomless appeal of intelligent comfort food."

And Angela Garbes at The Stranger loved the inclusivity and approachability of Salted Sea in Columbia City: "Owner Huy Tat, a South Seattle native who also owns the noodle shop Hue Ky Mi Gia in the International District, said he opened Salted Sea because he wanted to give the area the restaurant he felt it was missing: a place where people can enjoy fresh seafood. With Salted Sea, Tat succeeds in delicately balancing the many needs of a diverse, changing neighborhood interested in distinct flavors, high standards of sourcing, and approachable food."

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