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Tanglewood Supreme, One of Magnolia's Premier Restaurants, Shutters Quietly

"Magnolia needed a little culinary love and I feel we were able to provide it."

Tanglewood Supreme/FB

Tanglewood Supreme, a Magnolia hole-in-the-wall beloved by reviewers and chefs alike, is no more. The self-described "fisherman-to-table" restaurant revealed in early December that it was for sale, listing December 23 as the final day of service. On December 26, the business posted a farewell note to Facebook.

Dear Friends & Fans of Tanglewood Supreme,We have come to the end of our culinary journey and now it is time to say...

Posted by Tanglewood Supreme on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Owner Kent Chappelle told Eater the restaurant hadn't sold by the time it closed its doors, but he and his wife are "in conversations with a few folks."

As for why Tanglewood shuttered, Chappelle, a father of three young sons, said, "I felt like as a dad I had to raise my game in terms of family commitment. I know sometimes that sounds like a cliche, but in this case it's absolutely true." This desire coincided with chef Irvin Diaz's decision to move back to Boston this month, which meant Tanglewood either had to reboot with a third chef (the first was Jeffrey Kessenich, a former chef de cuisine at Brasa) or close.

"It's funny, people always want to assume when someone closes it's financial doom of some sort or the industry kicked your butt," Chappelle said. "In hindsight, we probably would've done larger numbers in a bigger neighborhood, but I don't regret it. Magnolia needed a little culinary love and I feel we were able to provide it."

Will he return with a new concept in the future? "I'll go on record as saying I've always loved the restaurant industry and dug the experience in every aspect," Chappelle insisted. Translation: While he doesn't expect to get back into the game in the next year or two, don't count him out forever.

Tanglewood Supreme

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