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Ft. Lawton Homes Almost All Sold; Seahawks Fans' Super Bowl Plans

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

Allegedly Adan/Twitter
CURBED MAPS—For the first time in three years, the Seattle Seahawks are not going to the Super Bowl. Seahawks fans don't even know what do with themselves on Super Bowl Sunday now. Curbed has compiled a list of 12 things for The 12th Men & Women to fill their empty day with, whether they want to retrace the steps of the victory parade two years ago or try to figure out where Pete Carroll is watching the game and join him.

HISTORIC HOMES—It's been about six months now since the refurbished Fort Lawton homes started to appear on the market and if you want one, you're running out of chances. Of the thirteen homes around Montana Circle, nine of them are already sold or pending. Check out the homes that are left before it's too late.

PARKING WARS—The Eagles Club in Ballard owns a big lot across the street from the Olympic Athletic Club. The OAC wants the lot for more parking. The Eagles Club didn't want to tell. What happened next has to be read to be believed. Then again, considering how precious parking spaces are in Ballard, maybe it's not that crazy after all.

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