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Stateside Planning Next-Door Bar

It will be a separate entity from the restaurant.

Eater file photo

Details are thin at this point, but here's what Eater does know: Stateside, an Eater 38 member and voted Eater Seattle's Restaurant of the Year for 2015, is planning a new project next door.

"We're opening a bar next door to Stateside," chef Eric Johnson said. "We're not quite at a stage where we're ready to describe the concept."

Johnson says the logo, design, and menu are all in the works, but what he does know is that the bar will have an entrance separate from the restaurant, and it will have a different name.

"The bar and the restaurant will be two separate things though in theory it will be something where you can go next door and have a drink if there's a wait at Stateside." So, slightly reminiscent of the Artusi-Spinasse situation, albeit without a doorway connecting the two.


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