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Seattle Skyscraper Plans Too Tall; Best Places in Seattle to Poop

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

TALL TALES -- Plans to building a 102-story skyscraper in Downtown Seattle have met with a serious setback. The Federal Aviation Administration took one look at the plans and decided the tall tower would be too tall. They sent a "notice of presumed hazard" to the developer citing concerns for nearby Boeing Field and Harborview Medical Center helicopters. See what they recommend instead.

CURBED COMPARISONS -- As is their right as 2015 Curbed Cup champions, Curbed zeroed in on South Lake Union this week to see what's going on in Seattle's Best Neighborhood*. With very little available to buy, they decided to find out what the cheapest rentals in Amazon's backyard are right now. Check out the results and vote for the one you'd choose.

CURBED MAPS -- Look, sometimes you're out and about and nature calls. You don't want to have to wait in line or pay $10 for something you don't want just to find some relief. You're left to scramble Seattle for a private bathroom, if you can find one that doesn't have a lock or code. Thanks to Reddit, Curbed found out the best places in Downtown Seattle to poop and mapped them out for you. You're welcome.

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