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Eater Sweets Week Is Here

Five days of sugar

A La Mode Pies.
A La Mode Pies.
Suzi Pratt/Eater

It's here: Welcome to Eater's inaugural Sweets Week, kicking off right now and continuing through Friday. At Eater Seattle, expect a focus on treats in many forms, from decadent pie recommendations to maps of the city's essential bakeries. Look out also for illustrations of Asian desserts that look good enough to eat, as well as an in-depth photographic examination of an iconic dessert — behind the scenes of the famous triple coconut cream pie, anyone? Don’t forget to check the rest of the Eater network for country-wide coverage, either.

As always, you can follow along on the site, on Twitter, on Facebook, or through Eater's free newsletter, hitting your inbox twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays). You can also check out past theme weeks like Barbecue Week and Breakfast Week, if you need to balance your insulin levels. And of course you can reach out to the editorial team with hot news and sweet nothings through the tipline. Now grab a napkin and get ready for a sugar rush.