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Mutsuko Soma Reappears for Soba Pop-Up

The former Miyabi 45th chef brings her Kamonegi dinner to Kraken Congee

Suzi Pratt

Chef Mutsuko Soma, who made a name for herself with handmade soba noodles at her Miyabi 45th restaurant in Wallingford, will reappear briefly for a pop-up on November 6.

Soma departed Miyabi 45th in January to go on maternity leave, and the restaurant has taken a new direction since then. But Soma announced intentions to keep her fan base sated with occasional soba pop-ups under the moniker Kamonegi. She's since held one event, which sold out.

On November 6, Soma will host a second Kamonegi pop-up at Kraken Congee. The single-seating dinner will kick off with a cocktail and sake reception at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 7. Here's a look at the five-course, prix fixe menu, which naturally includes Soma's famous soba:

Konbu Cured Shime Saba Salad
pickled mackerel, Japanese turnip, persimmon, yuzu vinaigrette, miso powder

Eel Chimaki and Duck Egg Tamagoyaki
eel sticky rice and buckwheat dumpling, duck egg tamagoyaki, a hint of sanshyo

Kamonegi Salisbury Steak
duck and leek salisbury steak with buckwheat, smoked gouda, Kyoto demi-glace, braised greens

cream of matsutake seiro (cold noodles with hot broth) with sous vide egg

tempura-baked Japanese sweet potato, cinnamon ice cream, walnut kuromitsu, sesame graham cracker

Tickets are available online now; better get them, stat.

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