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Two Popular Burger Chains Are in Expansion Mode

Caliburger and Katsu Burger announce new locations

Katsu Burger/FB

Good news, burger fiends: You'll soon have more opportunities to eat at Caliburger and Katsu Burger.

Word out of Lynnwood is that CaliBurger is expanding, opening its second Washington state location at the Alderwood Mall. Lynnwood Today reported early this month that the chain is aiming for a late November/early December opening; a more recent Craigslist ad seeking to fill all positions lists December as the launch month.

Caliburger, as you may recall, is an international chain modeled very closely after California-based In-N-Out. The first Caliburger opened in Shanghai in 2012, and it's been wildly successful, expanding around China and the Middle East, and recently making inroads in the U.S. The first stateside outpost opened right here in Seattle, last October in the U District, where you can get boozy milkshakes alongside your burgers and fries.

Meanwhile, cult favorite Katsu Burger, with its enormous, Japanese-inspired burgers and nori fries, is also growing. The restaurant will open on Capitol Hill in the space left vacant by The Old Sage on 12th Avenue, reports Capitol Hill Seattle. The goal is to open before Christmas.

The new location would mark the fourth for Katsu Burger, which has a flagship restaurant in Georgetown and outposts in Bellevue and Lynnwood. It's a satisfying turnaround for a company that once seemed lost to the ages but was brought back to life by current owner Stephanie Kang.

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