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Grab a 'Pokérrito' in the International District Starting December 4

Gopoké is finally ready


Originally aiming for a summer opening, anticipated Gopoké is finally nearly ready for its grand unveiling. The International District restaurant focusing on the ever-popular Hawaiian raw fish salad is officially opening on December 4. The restaurant is owned by brothers Bayley, Michael, and Trinh Le.

There will be fresh poke bowls with fish like salmon and flown-in-daily Ahi tuna, thanks to the brothers' relatives in the fishing business. Expect accompaniments like seaweed salad, sunomono (cucumber salad), ginger, edamame, and avocado, all served over white rice. Besides the poke bowls, look for a few twists, like a "Spicy Salmon Pokérrito," as well as other Hawaiian staples like shave ice and mochi ice cream.

If you're hoping to get even more psyched up for this opening, head over to Seattle Met, where Allecia Vermillion has traced the winding journey that took the Le family from Vietnam to Hawaii and inspired the brothers' passion for poke.

625 S King St, (206) 799-9650, website.