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'Inauthentic Eurasian Food' Headed to Former Restaurant Marron Space

Cook Weaver aims to open any day now

Suzi Pratt

The Capitol Hill space vacated by high-end Restaurant Marron will soon be home to a new restaurant called Cook Weaver. According to the restaurant's website, service will start in early December, which is pretty much any day now.

The restaurant claims to provide "inauthentic Eurasian food," utilizing seasonal Northwest ingredients. There's already a menu posted online, and it includes a fascinating array of dishes: broccoli casserole with stinky cheese, Cheetos, and house crusty bread; spiced grilled lamb neck with cauliflower relish and yogurt; and turkey schnitzel with butter stewed onions and apple and radish salad.

cook weaver food official

[Photo: Cook Weaver/Official]

The format will differ significantly from predecessor Marron's, which originally focused on elaborate 16-course tasting menus before paring down to fewer courses at a lower cost. Marron shuttered in August after a two-year stint and owners Eric and Zarina Sakai promised to open elsewhere, but requests for comment have gone unanswered. In their Instagram profiles, though, the Sakais both mention an upcoming venture called Alba's Genuine, which has its own private profile with a logo touting "authentic quality foods."

Back to Cook Weaver: bartender/manager Nile Klein grew up with a family-run restaurant before starting his service career in Japan, while chef Zac Reynolds ran a Central District pop-up and has worked as a private chef. Together, their stated philosophy for Cook Weaver is, "Be special, yet approachable. Bold, while maintaining balance. Tantalize your taste buds. But most importantly, be the friendly place you call your own, and be delighted to bring those you love." Reynolds also shares his dream for a restaurant "Where cooks are servers, where guests are welcome in the kitchen," which sounds like taking the open-kitchen concept to a whole new level.

806 E. Roy St., (206) 324-0599, website. Open Sunday through Thursday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to midnight. Daily happy hour at the bar from 3 to 6 p.m.

Restaurant Marron

806 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102 206-322-0409