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Bell and Whete Has Closed to Be Reborn as a Brewpub

The gastropub will start making its own beer in 2017

Courtesy of Bell + Whete

Hope you weren’t too attached to Belltown gastropub Bell and Whete, because here's some bad news: It closed on December 15.

There's a silver lining though, as owner Marcus Charles (Mama's Cantina, Local 360, The Crocodile) is holding onto the space and will retool the concept into a brewpub. The new establishment is still unnamed, and the food menu has yet to be determined, but there will be beer brewed onsite, according to a release. Alongside house beers, there will also be a large selection of guest taps. Charles hopes to reopen in spring 2017.

Charles has a good reputation for thoughtful neighborhood development, including his recent move to purchase and maintain yet update historic Mama's Mexican Kitchen under the name Mama's Cantina.

Bell and Whete opened in the summer of 2014, focusing on European-inspired food and offering 64 beers on tap. Per the press release, beer was the most popular aspect of the concept, while the main dining room didn’t see much action. Thus, the decision to focus more on beer going forward.

"The customers have told us what they want in that space, they want a nice bar with good food, priced between $12 and $18 a plate, along with a wide variety of interesting beers," Charles said in a statement. "That is what we are going to provide them."

Another important note for staunch supporters of the nearly-defunct pub: "Stein Society" beer club memberships will carry over to the new brewery. Any Bell and Whete gift certificates are being honored at Local 360 and Mama’s Cantina, or will be fully refunded if you email

Bell and Whete

200 Bell St, Seattle, WA 98121