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Capitol Hill Will Soon Be Home to Seattle’s Second Cat Cafe

Neko is ready to pounce on a permanent home

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Photo courtesy of Caitlin Unsell

This time last year, Seattle was operating under the impression it would be home to three cat cafes. Instead, the Emerald City has just one cat cafe to its name: Seattle Meowtropolitan became the first and so far only when it opened in December last year. By February, after an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, Kitty Kafe had abandoned its plans to join the fray.

That left Neko, which was also attempting to crowdfund its creation. The campaign has stalled out, raising only $14,064 of a whopping $150,000 flexible goal — less than ten percent. But owner Caitlin Unsell has continued her search for a space undaunted, and believes she will soon be a proud business owner on Capitol Hill.

Unsell has a letter of intent for a lease on the hill, though she says she can’t disclose where yet. She tells Eater to expect "an intimate space in the heart of Capitol Hill" with "an anticipated opening not so far in the future."

Neko plans to sell beer, wine, coffee, and snacks at her future feline repository, which, similar to the Meowtropolitan, will be full of adoptable cats roaming the space.

"The cat cafe will have two parts, a main cafe area with a bar and a handful of small tables where guests can sip on cat-themed beers and meowmosas," says Unsell, inducing either groans or squeals, depending on your affinity for cats and cat puns. "Guests that wish to go in the cat room will be able to hangout with our 10 adoptable cats in super cozy, fun kitty purr-adise."

If you thought the cat cafe craze was dead, take heart — this is one trend that seems to have nine lives.