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Meander's Kitchen Is Meandering Back to Morgan Junction, Adding Dinner Service

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The roaming restaurant is taking over the home of Kokoras Greek Grill.

The future home of Meander's Kitchen.
The future home of Meander's Kitchen.
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Good news for West Seattle: beloved diner Meander's Kitchen, which closed last November, could return to its original Morgan's Junction neighborhood this month, depending on liquor permitting — and plans to introduce dinner service, as well.

Owner Miranda Krone, who's known for her frank and open social media manner, made the announcement via Facebook, sharing that her restaurant would take over the home of Kokoras Greek Grill at 6400 California Ave SW. Apparently Kokoras' owner, Spiros Rouvas, is moving back to Greece, but there's a consolation: Rouvas will be teaching Krone some of his recipes to use at the latest incarnation of Meander's.

At last, I can let the cat out of the bag!Morgan Junction, we're coming home to you...I'm working with Kim Depew, a...

Posted by Meander's Kitchen on Friday, February 5, 2016

On Kokoras' Facebook page, Rouvas' son Stacy tells a slightly different story, suggesting he couldn't afford to take over the restaurant and insisting that Kokoras "IS NOT GOING AWAY" and "the food and everything will be the exact same." Hopefully the transition, however it occurs, is a smooth one.

Over the past few years, Meander's Kitchen has lived up to its name, wandering from California Ave. to a bigger venue in White Center, then downsizing again to a smaller space nearby, until finally closing last November with the vague promise of a change to come. This relatively whiplash-inducing movement could have crippled a less-endearing company, but Krone clearly has something people want, and diners have followed her every move.

Their devotion should pay off, as Krone has already promised in the comments that many fan favorites like waffles, eggs Benedict, and red eye gravy will live on in the tiny space, "outfitted with better equipment than we've ever been graced with." Krone will offer takeout, and explained the rationale behind occupying such tight quarters:

Honestly, what we do is best done in a small place. It loses too much when it becomes a production line. I remember several of our cooks objecting to the farm fresh eggs we bought, because they were inconvenient (cleaning, etc). I want it to stay small enough that we have room to be excited about deep orange yolks that taste amazing.

Keep a sharp eye out as Meander's could reopen any day now.

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