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Kitty Kafe Scraps Plans, While Neko Cat Cafe Hunts for Capitol Hill Space

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Two utterly important cat cafe updates.

Seattle Meowtropolitan
Seattle Meowtropolitan
Suzi Pratt

The race to become Seattle's second cat cafe recently lost a participant: Kitty Kafe is no longer in the works after an unsuccessful fundraising attempt on Kickstarter, reports Seattle Met.

That leaves Neko, which has set its sights on Capitol Hill and hopes to open this spring, according to Seattle Met. The cafe hasn't settled on an exact location just yet, though it hopes to have space suitable for 8 to 10 cats and plans to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and small bites. Neko is also getting its start via crowdfunding.

Neko will join ridiculously popular and perpetually booked Seattle Meowtropolitan, which opened in Wallingford on December 18. The phenomenon originated in Taiwan and is currently taking the globe by storm, with cat cafes popping up in many countries, especially in cities with limited apartment space for pets. Visitors purchase time with a bunch of adoptable cats, who roam around in an area usually adjacent to a coffee shop. It's totally a thing.

Seattle Meowtropolitan

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