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Figurehead Planning Seven Barrel Brewery and Taproom Near Fishermen's Terminal

The focus will be on yeast and malt, rather than hops.

Figurehead's layout
Figurehead's layout
Atelier Drome

With hopes of opening this summer—dependent, of course, on the teeth-pulling process that is obtaining permitting and licensing—Figurehead Brewing is in the works near the Fishermen's Terminal. Neighbors and homebrewers Bob Monroe and Jesse Duncan are behind the project, and they're working with Atelier Drome (the architecture firm responsible for a whole slew of sexy restaurants) on the design and build-out.

Figurehead will brew on a relatively small seven-barrel system next to a 30-seat taproom at 4001 B 21st Avenue W. Monroe and Duncan plan to concentrate on English ales like ordinary, special, and extra special bitters, as well as Belgian-style beers, with the goal of making low alcohol pub-style offerings that are sessionable and balanced, and concentrating on malts and yeasts as opposed to the hop-forward beers so common in the Northwest these days.

Still, expect a few familiar faces in the line-up, including IPAs, pales, and a stout or porter. Come winter, the owners also plan to make bigger styles like barley wines and barrel-aged beers. Figurehead is next to Caffe Appassionato coffee roaster, so it's hoping to collaborate on a coffee beer.

Figurehead references the figure on the bow of a ship, a nod to Duncan's personal and family history working and recreating on ships. The decor of the brewery will likely reflect that, with a bit of a maritime theme, but the pair promises it won't be campy.