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Mama's Mexican Kitchen Will End Its 42-Year Run in Belltown on March 31

What will happen to the Elvis statue?

Mama's Mexican Kitchen (and Elvis).
Mama's Mexican Kitchen (and Elvis).
Mama's Mexican Kitchen/FB

Mama's Mexican Kitchen, a Belltown institution since 1974, will serve its last enchiladas on March 31.

Eater reported in May that the kitschy restaurant would close in the fall, but it held on longer than expected. The building holding Seattle's oldest Mexican eatery was sold last March to a Chinese development firm and will be torn down in June to make way for an eight-story, 60-unit mixed-use development.

Mama's storied run included serving high-profile customers like Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Eddie Vedder, and Nick Offerman.

Mama's Mexican Kitchen

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