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H Mart, Massive Asian Grocer, Is In Progress Downtown

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With kimchi, every type of greens imaginable, and MSG-laden snacks galore.

H Mart in Lynnwood
H Mart in Lynnwood
Megan Hill/Eater

Nearly three years after its original announcement, it looks like New Jersey-based H Mart is finally making progress on the opening of its location in downtown Seattle in the former Nordstrom Rack space at 1601 Second Avenue. If you've ever been to an H Mart in Lynnwood, Federal Way, or Bellevue, you know its magical powers, and this news will make your day.

This means you can soon buy all manner of gochujang, Asian greens, noodles, rice, kimchi, MSG-laden snacks, and wondrous more, all in one convenient location downtown. About 40 percent of the items are Korean, and there are plenty of other Asian foods, plus fresh meat, seafood, and produce. Oh, and everything is ridiculously cheap.

Eater doesn't have a timeline for the opening but the construction permit applied for in October was accepted. Check back for updates as they become available on this incredibly important development.