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B. J. Smith Announces Third Smokehouse Provisions—in Vancouver, Washington?

Welcome to CascadiaWire, a weekly collection of restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.

Sarah Noble

PORTLAND—€”Looking for the most hotly anticipated Portland restaurant openings this spring? From the food hall that will likely redefine dining downtown, to pop-up sensation Nodoguro's new home in the iconic Genoa restaurant space, find them here.

SOUTHEAST—When a gnome went missing at Portland's pioneering vegetarian chef's counter, Farm Spirit, owner Aaron Adams thought the gnome was gone forever, until he saw it pop up on a local food blogger's Instagram account—in San Francisco. It appears the little guy's on a bender, too, so let's hope he returns in one piece. Here are some select images and videos of the journey.

VANCOUVER—€”Specializing in smoked Northwest meats, B. J. Smith is the chef behind Smokehouse 21 and Smokehouse Tavern's two restaurants where you'll find baby back ribs, brisket, and things like house-made hotlinks and cocktails involving barbecue bitters. Now Smith tells Eater he's opening a third restaurant, Smokehouse Provisions, on Vancouver, Washington's up-and-coming Garrison Square.