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UberEats Rolls Out New App and Major Seattle Expansion

Nearly 100 local restaurants are participating


Today UberEats, the restaurant delivery service from ride-share company Uber, is unveiling a major Seattle expansion. From fewer than 20 restaurants available, close to 100 will be available for delivery through the service, including spots like 8 oz Burger, Chop Shop, Volunteer Park Cafe, Super Six, Bounty Kitchen, and Marination.

Last week UberEats rolled out a new standalone app for Android and iOS while also launching in more cities nationwide and expanding its delivery hours. Before that, the service was available only in about 10 cities, including Seattle, and only at lunchtime. Now customers can order food for delivery seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For users in certain neighborhoods, the popular Instant Delivery service is still in play, available from 10:45 a.m. to 2 p.m., with lunch delivered in 10 minutes or less.

Expansions have already hit Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with Seattle joining the club today. UberEats uses its existing pool of Uber drivers to deliver food orders. Users are able to rate drivers and food with only a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, as opposed to the five-star rating system in the ride-share app.

Users can sign into the app using an existing Uber account or by creating a new account. The app allows users to browse for restaurants by location, cuisine, type of meal, and name.

UberEats normally charges a roughly $5 delivery fee (which is higher than that of its competitors), but starting today the company will waive the delivery fee on every order for a limited but undisclosed amount of time, with Uber hinting the discount will stick around for only a few weeks.