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Frost Heads to SLU; Calf and Kid Will Close in Melrose Market

And Monica Dimas will be frying chicken at Rachel's Ginger Beer


SOUTH LAKE UNION—Mill Creek-based Frost is finally coming to Seattle, reports Seattle Met. The doughnut company will mark its fourth location this July in Amazon's Bigfoot building at Ninth and Mercer. Frost is building out a large space that will offer an expanded menu of doughnuts, cupcakes, macarons, plenty of coffee, a wine bar, lunch, and doughnut breakfast sandwiches.

CAPITOL HILL—Melrose Market's tenants are struggling with a sharp decrease in traffic they blame on the surrounding construction, which is limiting parking and access to their stores, reports In fact, Sheri LaVigne is planning to close her Calf and Kid cheese shop in May, and move its sales operation to her new Culture Club Cheese Bar on Capitol Hill's 12th Avenue. Homegrown will expand its sandwich shop into her space when she leaves.

CAPITOL HILL—Monica Dimas has made a name for herself operating the permanent pop-up Neon Taco inside Nacho Borracho on Capitol Hill. She recently opened Tortas Condesa, a walk-up sandwich operation in the former Kedai Makan space. With no signs of slowing down, she's a couple weeks away from a third venture, Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches, which she's planning to roll out inside the Rachel's Ginger Beer on Capitol Hill. Seattle Met has the line-up of sandwiches planned, which includes a fried chicken twist on the popular General Tso taco Dimas has been serving at Neon Taco.

Culture Club Cheese Bar

1806 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 556-4033