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Renowned Pastry Chef Matt Tinder Seeks $60,000 for Baking Equipment

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It'll help him outfit the permanent home for his Saboteur Bakery in Bremerton

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In what he calls an attempt to raise funds without being beholden to investors, Matt Tinder of Bremerton's Saboteur Bakery is seeking $60,000 on IndieGoGo to "purchase a complete suite of professional baking equipment from retiring Whidbey Island bakery owners" of Tree-Top Baking. Perks for the campaign currently comprise "pastry of the day" for a $10 contribution or a "Saboteur Delivery Box" full of mystery goodies at the $100 mark.

Saboteur's temporary retail space opened at 245 Fourth Street last month, but its pastries are still being made "in a commercial kitchen hours away," according to the campaign. Ultimately the bakery and store will be housed in a hut near the waterfront, on 13th Street, where Tinder and business partner/fiancee Kate Giuggio will mill their own local grains for treats like whole wheat croissants. "Bremerton is the perfect place to make a mark: a growing city, vibrating with fresh energy, suffused with history—and one that desperately needs great pastry," they explain.

Sold out all five days. First week in the books.

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Any Seattle residents wondering why they should care, take note: Tinder, former pastry chef at Michelin-starred California eateries Coi and The Restaurant at Meadowood, suggested the sooner he gets his facility fully outfitted, the sooner he'll start shipping pastries to the city. "With the increased capacity of the new facility, Saboteur's work will start making daily ferry trips to be sold in Seattle," The Seattle Times reported this week.