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Delancey Instagram Followers Get an Early Taste of Dino's Tomato Pie

Sometimes it pays to allow notifications

Square pie won't be the only shape on the menu at Dino's.
Square pie won't be the only shape on the menu at Dino's.
Dino's Tomato Pie/FB

Sharp-eyed and quick-fingered followers of Delancey's Instagram account (@delanceyseattle) got lucky last week when owner Brandon Pettit used the photo service to announce a reservation-only soft opening of Dino's Tomato Pie.

Via a picture of an email signed "Brandino," the Capitol Hill restaurant gave instructions to its followers on how to score seats for half-priced square pies over the weekend. Originally slated for last fall, then March 1, then tentatively March 15, New Jersey-style pizza joint Dino's could open as soon as March 9, according to some diners who attended the soft opening.


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Check out hashtag #dinostomatopie for a handful of preview pictures from highly satisfied guests. Highlights include the menu note that "Dino would like you to know that more than three toppings will be expensive and won't be any better," the receipt's Andy-Samberg-as-Mark-Wahlberg-style request that customers "Say hello to your mother for me!" and the fact that you can order a random "ironic roulette can o beer" for $2.

Beyond the tongue-in-cheek references and throwback website, though, early reports about the pizza (which appears to come in round versions as well as square) are quite positive, which is really the most important thing.

Dino's Tomato Pie

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