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The Most Anticipated Seattle Restaurant Openings, Spring 2016

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Rep your city at Flatstick Pub, Seattle.
Rep your city at Flatstick Pub, Seattle.
Sam Largent/Flatstick Pub

Wondering what's on the horizon for Seattle as the weather warms? Here are six highly anticipated restaurant openings to keep an eye on. Which restaurants are on your must-follow list?

Flatstick Pub

Location: 240 2nd Ave S; Pioneer Square
Major Players: Sam Largent
The Situation
: A Community Sourced Capital-funded expansion thrice the size of its Kirkland sibling, this project in a historic basement will feature a nine-hole mini-golf course, a "real life video game" called Robodub, the bar's proprietary mini-golf/shuffleboard hybrid "duffleboard," and 34 taps of "Washington only, non-corporate" beer and cider. There may even be food available from an unnamed local restaurant, though it's still up in the air. Gather 350 to 400 of your best friends and have a ball.
Projected Opening: Late April/early May
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Sizzle Pie

Location: 1009 E Union St; Capitol Hill
Major Players
The Situation
: Ready for even more pizza, Capitol Hill? Of course you are. Portland's popular Sizzle Pie is coming soon to the former home of Po Dog and Auto Battery sports bar. The Burnside chain is known for its late hours and selection of gluten-free and vegan pies.
Projected Opening: April
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Location: 8421 Greenwood Ave N; Greenwood    
Major Players: Eric Donnelly, Christy Given
The Situation
: A sibling to the highly regarded RockCreek is on the way—this time with a focus on game meat. Donnelly will showcase buffalo, lamb, venison, bison, and other leaner proteins, which he plans to source from smaller spots that don't inject their animals with hormones and are mindful of their use of natural resources. The menu will be arranged somewhat like RockCreek's, divided between large and small plates, featuring braised dishes, house-made pastas, and more. Wine, beer, and a full bar are also coming.
Projected Opening: Spring
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Scout/The Nest

Location: 110 Stewart St; Downtown
Major Players: Josh Henderson and Huxley Wallace Collective
The Situation
: When it opens in May, the Thompson Seattle hotel hopes to be a destination for locals, too, with restaurant Scout focused on accessible, seasonal, highly local food plus a 20-seat chef's table for intense tasting menus. Rooftop bar The Nest, meanwhile, will afford sweeping views of Puget Sound for 70-plus guests, batched and barrel-aged cocktails, and even a custom ice program to enhance the drinking experience.
Projected Opening: May
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Location: TBD; Capitol Hill
Major Players: Caitlin Unsell
The Situation
: If all goes well, this will be Seattle's second cat cafe. Does it matter that Neko only pulled in $14,000 from its crowdfunding goal of $150,000, or that it still has no location secured? No, not really, as long as Unsell eventually brings the goods. The absurdly popular Seattle Meowtropolitan (not to mention the billions of internet memes) has already proven that there's a market for cute cats in bars.
Projected Opening: Spring
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Un Bien - Seaview

Location: 6226 Seaview Ave NW; Ballard
Major Players: Julian and Lucas Lorenzo
The Situation
: Former Paseo owner Lorenzo Lorenzo's sons carry on his family legacy at Un Bien, which will soon open a second location in the former home of Paseo's Ballard outpost. Confused? Just know this and rejoice: more Caribbean sandwiches are on the way.
Projected Opening: Spring
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Which restaurants are on your personal most-anticipated list?