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Mean Sandwich Has Found a Home in Ballard

The address is still under wraps, though

Kevin and Alex Pemoulie
Kevin and Alex Pemoulie
Norman Lono

Eater broke the news in January that former New York restaurateur power couple and Alex and Kevin Pemoulie had returned to Alex's native Seattle and are planning to open Mean Sandwich in either Ballard or Wallingford. Now Eater has confirmation that the Momofuku alums have decided on a location in Ballard, though it's currently occupied by another business and they can't release the address yet.

Still, that's good news for Eater readers in Ballard who were pulling for the much-anticipated shop to land in their neighborhood.

What might diners find on the menu? The Pemoulies tell Eater that Mean Sandwich will have a "consistent core sandwich menu that people can rely on," plus specials that will rotate seasonally.

"We've spent the last year fine tuning what we believe to be most the delicious, fun, and unique sandwiches that we could come up with. We are inspired by dishes we've done before, sandwiches we've eaten before, and by the local Pacific Northwest product that we've never had access to before," says Alex.

She says to expect the following words on the menu: "corned beef, tartare, tendon, buon appetito, salad, skins, Jean Claude, and pickled."

The Pemoulies have been busy, too, exploring the local dining scene. Among their recent favorites: Eden Hill, Manolin, Delancey, and Joule. They've hit the just-opened Gracia twice, had brunch at Stateside, and visit Frelard Pizza at least once a week. "Uneeda Burger has become our go to lunch spot. We spend more time at Vif than we should probably admit," Alex says.

And they're checking out other sandwich shops, trying Mammoth, Paseo, Un Bien, Tortas Condesa, and Other Coast so far.

"We still have a long list of places to hit up pre-opening and will try our best to get to all of them," Alex says. "Luckily we don't plan on ever leaving Seattle so we have time."