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Bellevue Din Tai Fung Has a Lingering Health Code Issue

Inspectors penalized the restaurant again for inadequate handwashing facilities

Bellevue's Din Tai Fung
Bellevue's Din Tai Fung

Last week, Eater reported that Bellevue's Din Tai Fung was nearly shut down after an unsatisfactory health inspection on April 4. Inspectors found multiple issues, all of which needed to be fixed before a follow-up inspection.

Inspectors revisited the restaurant on April 14 and found that all the problems cited had been addressed, except for the handwashing facilities, which were again found to be inadequate. Inspectors again stamped the results as "unsatisfactory."

The Bellevue Din Tai Fung has received several unsatisfactory reports since opening in 2010, committing plenty of violations in the "red critical violations" category, which is problematic because that represents "food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food borne illnesses." Providing adequate handwashing facilities seems to be a particular hang-up for this location; they've been cited for this issue several times in the past six years.

Din Tai Fung's Seattle location is slightly more with it, accruing only three unsatisfactory inspections since it opened in late 2013. The Bellevue location, on the other hand, has amassed 24 unsatisfactory inspections.

The popular Taiwan-based chain, revered for its soup dumplings, is opening another venue in the Pacific Place shopping mall downtown this year.

Din Tai Fung (Bellevue)

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