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Sugar Mountain Planning 'Seattle's Next Great Luxury Restaurant'

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The Butcher's Table will also have an on-site butcher shop

The future home of The Butcher's Table.
The future home of The Butcher's Table.
Sugar Mountain/FB

Sugar Mountain is all about diversification. The parent company of Beecher's Handmade Cheese runs a couple restaurants, Pasta & Co. stores, a pig-shaped and -focused food truck, and even has a line of Wagyu beef called Mishima Reserve.

And this summer, the group headed by Kurt Dammeier has bold plans to open "Seattle's next great luxury restaurant," The Butcher's Table.

The company is hiring for various positions now, and the job postings give hints about the project. It will "feature an onsite butcher shop offering uncommon specialty cuts and a lively bar scene." The kitchen is being led by a former executive chef from San Francisco's Jardinière. The establishment will operate on "a traditional tipped model" but with "excellent pay and benefits."

The Butcher's Table is slated for 2121 Westlake Avenue, the new Denny Triangle home of Sugar Mountain's offices, and also the projected site of the company's multi-level barbecue restaurant and steakhouse, Max's — though it sounds like The Butcher's Table could be that steakhouse component.