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Changes Afoot for South Park's Lowercase and Burdick Brewing

Taproom troubles

Lowercase Brewing's South Park space
Lowercase Brewing's South Park space
Lowercase Brewing [Facebok]

It was a sweet setup for South Park that was apparently too good to be true: The neighboring taprooms at Lowercase Brewing and Burdick Brewing are shutting down.

"Not long ago, word came down from the authorities that there were issues with the breweries’ taprooms," reports the Washington Beer Blog. "According to zealous inspectors tasked with enforcing overbearing codes, the taprooms weren’t up to snuff and would either need to be closed or upgraded with prohibitively expensive modifications."

In response, Burdick Brewing shuttered its taproom in February. It continues to produce beers in the same facility, you just can't drink it on-site right now. The company does hope to operate a taproom again in the future, ideally nearby, the blog reports.

Fans of Lowercase will have more immediate gratification, as the business has announced it will continue brewing in South Park but relocate its taproom to Georgetown (at 6235 Airport Way S). The current public space will close May 2 and the new taproom is expected to open in July, according to a post on Facebook. Lowercase will host two going-away parties ahead of the closure, on April 30 and May 1.