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Sea Wolf Is Finally Building a Bakery in Fremont

Next door to Manolin

The future home of Sea Wolf Bakers.
The future home of Sea Wolf Bakers.
Sea Wolf Bakers/Twitter

"It's finally happening!" For fans of better bread, those are the magic words, uttered by Sea Wolf Bakers last week on its Facebook page. The company, comprising brothers Kit and Jesse Schumann, has, at long last, signed a lease on its own bakery space.

As reported in December, it took a long time for the brothers Schumann to lock down a Fremont location, but it's now clear they're settling at 3621 Stone Way N, also home to Manolin. The bakery will house a nine-ton Italian-made bread oven and feature an open vibe with plenty of natural light via skylights. Expect a carefully curated selection of bread and cheese pairings, pastries, and coffee.

Since the brothers founded their business in 2014 they've sought their own space, but in the meantime they didn't let a little homelessness prevent them from selling beautiful artisan loaves in varieties like white sourdough, rye, and seeded. They originally made their products — available on fine restaurant menus throughout town as well as a couple of retail locations — in the oven at Renee Erickson's Boat Street Cafe, which then became part of Boat Street Kitchen. Now they've shifted operations to Dino's Tomato Pie on Capitol Hill.

There's no set opening date yet, but for updates keep an eye on the company's Twitter feed, where it's been documenting the build-out.