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U District Scores a New Biang Biang Noodle Restaurant

Xi'an Noodles holds its grand opening May 1

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Spicy cumin lamb hand-pulled noodles.
Spicy cumin lamb hand-pulled noodles.
Xi'an Noodles/Yelp

Good news, noodle fans: Xi'an Noodles will hold its grand opening in the U District Monday, May 1, though its Yelp page suggests it may already be open to the public. Seattle Met reports that owner Lily Wu "wants her store to be a 'reminder of home' for her Chinese customers, and an authentic experience for anyone new to the region's specialty biang biang noodles."

The new restaurant could fill a void left by QQ Mini Hot Pot, a well regarded spot which served a similar cuisine nearby until shuttering more than a year ago. Wide biang biang noodles are named for the sound made as a chef slaps and stretches the dough against the counter; you might even get a look at the technique with Xi'an Noodles' semi-open kitchen. Two of the area's premier destinations for the style are Miah's Kitchen in Redmond and its sister spot Qin in Edmonds.

xi'an noodles burger yelp business owner

Stewed pork burger. [Photo: Xi'an Noodles/Yelp]

So far the business' single Yelp review is five stars, with the Yelper naming the cold noodles, liang pi, as his favorite dish. Xi'an Noodles will also serve other regional specialties from China like ma la tang, or hot pot, and the meat-heavy burgers whose flat, crisped bread is more akin to an English muffin than an American hamburger bun.

5259 University Way NE, (206) 522-8888, Facebook. Open Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

4/29/16: Edited to reflect that Xi'an Noodles hasn't directly replaced QQ Mini Hot Pot.