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Branzino's Mysterious 'Emergency Closure' Drags On

And Old School Frozen Custard's final shop may yet return to life

Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

There have been two Seattle restaurant closures recently that may both prove to be temporary:

BELLTOWN—A handwritten sign hung on the door at Branzino reads, "Emergency closure due to maintenance, will reopen Saturday March 19 @ 5pm." Saturday, March 19 has come and gone, though, and the Italian restaurant remains closed, the sign remains hung. The phone number for the Italian restaurant is out of order, and requests for comment online have not been answered. Anyone have more info on what's going on behind these closed doors? [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL—Following in the footsteps of its departed Bonney Lake and Fremont locations, Old School Frozen Custard's final outpost closed last month. A week after the announcement on Facebook, though, the company posted that there might be hope yet: "We have a great young group who are taking a look at Old School!" The business hasn't responded to requests for comment, but stay tuned for developments. [EaterWire]


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