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Scandinavian Cafe Set to Open at Old Ballard Liquor Company

The distillery hopes to fill a hole in the area's dining scene

Old Ballard/Go Fund Me

"Seattle lacks Scandinavian restaurants, which is crazy considering how many Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians live here," reads a Facebook post from Old Ballard Liquor Company. That absence is especially notable in Ballard, which has roots as a Scandinavian fishing village.

If Old Ballard Liquor Co. has its way, that reality will change as soon as this month. The aquavit producer has been running a New Nordic cuisine pop-up called Tumble Swede and is ready to start making food on a more consistent, permanent basis with the opening of a cafe to be called Old Ballard Scandinavian Aquavit Cafe. It's all very on-brand.

The goal was to have the restaurant ready to open on May 17, but a plumbing snafu may have delayed things, according to the cafe's Go Fund Me page. The campaign is still working toward its $14,500 goal.

"The menu will focus on lesser-known traditional Scandinavian meals alongside contemporary Nordic dishes (meaning no meatballs or lefse), both with a focus on Aquavit pairings and quality, fresh, local produce," the crowdfunding page explains. "A balanced variety of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian inspired plates will be available, and we're even building our own curing cabinets for house made charcuterie and smoking." Here's a look at the sample menu:

Old Ballard Liquor Co.

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