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A 'Mass Assault of Heat' Remains Flavorful at Sisters and Brothers

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Welcome back to Week in Reviews. Seattle's food critics recently visited Vendemmia, East Anchor Seafood, and Sisters and Brothers. Here's what they had to say:

MADRONAA double whammy from The Stranger's Angela Garbes, who reviews chef Brian Clevenger's seasonal Italian restaurant, Vendemmia, and new market and oyster bar next door, East Anchor Seafood. She's satisfied if not particularly impressed:

"Thinking about my meals at Vendemmia, which are distinguished more by classicism and meticulousness than creativity, it's clear that part of Clevenger's talent is pleasing and comforting diners. He gives them exactly what they want, but doesn't invite them out of their comfort zones."

GEORGETOWNFor Seattle Weekly, Nicole Sprinkle braves the heat (and the lines) at Sisters and Brothers, the ultra-popular Nashville hot chicken joint still in its early days:

"What's particularly great about this chicken, though, is that despite the mass assault of heat, the actual meat is flavorful; the paprika and less-aggressive spices eke their way out from beneath the deeply fried, finger-staining skin."


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