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Fuji Bakery Expands to Uwajimaya Bellevue

Look for the bakery's homecoming this summer

Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

Fuji Bakery is returning to the Eastside. Eater has learned that the company is opening at the Bellevue outpost of Uwajimaya, Washington's famous Asian supermarket chain. A source says the expansion was slated for spring so a more likely estimate now is by the end of summer.

This will be the third location for fan-favorite Fuji, which launched in Bellevue years ago but now only has stores in the International District and Interbay. Its extensive pastry and cake selection features Japanese specialties as well as plenty of French, American, and fusion items in savory and sweet varieties. Probably the most popular item, according to one team member, is the yeast-raised crunchy cream doughnut, coated with crunchy corn flakes and sugar and filled with house-made custard cream.

Uwajimaya's flagship store in Seattle is the only one in the area with a dedicated food court, Uwajimaya Village, though typically each grocer serves some prepared food inside at the deli and elsewhere (like Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt or Oasis Tea Zone) and has food neighbors in the same mall area. A store manager for Bellevue confirmed for Eater that Fuji Bakery is moving in, and said deals with other tenants are in the works but couldn't yet be discussed.