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Flying Squirrel Owners Open Restaurant in Third Place Books

Raconteur comes to Seward Park's new bookstore

The new Third Place Books in Seward Park opens on Saturday, May 21, and the project includes an exciting restaurant from Bill Coury and Brian Vescovi, the owners of Seattle's Flying Squirrel pizzerias. Raconteur is an "all-day bar and restaurant" with "20 taps of beer and six taps of wine," reports Seattle Met. One of the drinks selections will be the Raconteur Rye, a custom beer made by Counterbalance Brewing. Proletariat has provided custom red and white blends, too.

On the food side, Raconteur has a smoker and will make its own pretzels and bagels—think house-smoked salmon atop those bagels. The diverse menu includes tacos, burgers, steaks, moussaka, a vegan shepherd's pie, clam dip, dan dan noodles, and salads. Oh, and there's weekday breakfast and weekend brunch, too.

There's also a separate espresso counter with nitro cold brew on tap, and a downstairs tavern with cocktails, shuffleboard, and TVs. The whole concept is pretty much all of Seattle's favorite things under one roof.

5041 Wilson Ave S, (206) 725-7010, website.


5041 Wilson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 (206) 492-7959 Visit Website