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Vegan Dessert Shop Hits Home Stretch Despite Setbacks

Seattle Cookie Counter should open soon in Phinney Ridge

Seattle Cookie Counter/FB

Thank goodness Seattle Cookie Counter can continue to pop up around town in its adorable vintage VW bus, because the vegan dessert company has had a hell of a time trying to open the doors of its brick and mortar location in Phinney Ridge. During last weekend's Art Up neighborhood art walk the shop was actually welcoming in revelers with delicious cookie samples and vegan drumsticks (you know the kind), and hoped to sell a few more from its own space tomorrow, but due to ongoing plumbing work, the event had to be cancelled.

The most recent kink in the works sounds like a doozy, according to an apologetic status report posted this week to the shop's successful Kickstarter campaign:

"Long story short, we got scammed! We hired a fraudulent contractor that made it look like they are licensed by operating under someone else's business name. We paid for a good portion of the job up front, signed a contract that the work will be completed in full, and then the plumber and electrician stopped showing up to finish the job. Found out they have a new warrant for their arrest, the whole nine yards."

The owners say they've set in motion legal action but won't get their money back for labor or, of course, lost revenue.

Even the neighborhood's young ladies are starting to despair, according to the same post: "I MAY have shed a little tear and had my heart broken a little bit when a tween girl walked in front of the door to our shop today and said to her mom, 'Ugh...they are constantly advertising about their shop, but they are NEVER going to open!'"

While you await the delayed launch of the official storefront, which could still happen this month if all goes better than it has been going, check the official calendar to see where you can track down the vegan ice cream and cookie truck.