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Mamnoon Launches Brunch This Weekend on Capitol Hill

With beef brisket hash and za'atar bagels

Courtesy of Mamnoon

Mamnoon is giving Capitol Hill another reason to get out of bed on a weekend morning, with brunch starting June 18 and running from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Chef de cuisine David Gurewitz is in charge of the menu, and pastry chef Carrie Mashaney is contributing several sweeter options. Expect Mamnoon favorites like the falafel sandwich, traditional dishes like harees, a savory wheat porridge with chicken, cumin, cinnamon, and butter, and new twists on Middle Eastern flavors. Oh, and morning-appropriate cocktails, naturally.

Here's a peek at the menu:

Fatteh Hummus—chickpeas, yogurt, crispy pita, tahini, pine nuts, brown butter, poached egg
Harees—wheat porridge, chicken, cumin,cinnamon, cardamom, butter
Sujuk Hash—beef brisket, potato, onion, sumac, allspice, fenugreek, 2 fried eggs
Za’atar Bagel—smoked black cod (or salmon), labneh, mint oil, capers, red onion
Ful Mudammas—broad beans, tomato,olives, jalapeno oil, hard-boiled egg, onion, cilantro, warm pita
Falafel Sandwich—red cabbage, pickles, tahini, herbs, hot sauce
Warm Greens—avocado labne dressing, pickled peppers, tarragon, sunflower seeds, red onion
Shakshuka—eggs in spicy tomato-pepper sauce, feta, warm barbari bread

Fruit Salad (salatat al fawaakih)
Arnabeit Makli—fried cauliflower with tarator
House made Bagels
Fried Egg
Pickle and Crudite plate
Harra Fries

Sweets from Pastry Chef Carrie Mashaney:
Kaak with Knafeh Kaak or slipper bread, stuffed with knafeh (toasted vermicelli, fresh cheese and orange blossom syrup)
Baklava (layers of phyllo dough, filled with chopped nuts and drizzled with orange blossom water syrup)
Halawet (a Lebanese sweet cheese with rose jelly and pistachio)
Ice Cream Sandwich

Through the Fire—tequila, mescal, cyan, fresno chile, lime, salt
Easy Like Sunday—gin, aperol, lemon, orgeat
Noon at the Oasis—bison grass vodka, grapefruit, mint, black walnut, salt
Starfish & Coffee—espresso, pistachio liqueur, fernet branca, rocks
Bloody Maria—heirloom tomato, tequila, urfa biber, worcestershire, house pickles and olives
Mamnoon Mimosa—choice of classic orange, grapefruit or anar’s yellow no. 5 (pineapple, sweet pepper and rose) with bubbles


1508 Melrose Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 906-9606 Visit Website