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Brewmaster Cody Morris Talks About Menu Changes at Mollusk

Look for a more straight-forward menu


With chef/co-owner Travis Kukull out of the kitchen at brewery/restaurant Mollusk, brewmaster/co-owner Cody Morris talked to Eater about what to expect from the new menu. Morris says the space will transition to more brewpub-like offerings. He emphasizes that he wants to use more beer in the products, like house-made sausages cooked in beer, fish and chips with a sour ale in the batter, and even a mustard made with beer.

"We're focusing on more sharable, snackable plates that can be passed among friends, but we'll also have entrees," said Morris. He recalled that when there were more "straight-forward" dishes on the menu, they tended to sell better than the more esoteric offerings from Kukull. The menu will list classic versions of dishes, but also items with a twist — for example, there will be mussels in a traditional broth, but also one with coconut curry and jalapeños.

Mollusk will also lower prices, while keeping high-quality products like Painted Hills beef for the burgers. There will be weekly specials, monthly multi-course dinners, and more beer cocktails, Morris promises. He's confident that Mollusk can become the neighborhood bar for the South Lake Union community.

Dexter Brewhouse

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