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The Old Sage Closes; Bankruptcy Reportedly to Blame

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A $2.4 million bankruptcy

The Old Sage
The Old Sage
The Old Sage

When Belltown's Spur Gastropub shuttered in April due to financial woes, Eater pondered the future of the other establishments from co-owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough Tavern Law and The Old Sage. On Friday, The Old Sage made its shutter official on Facebook.

Many fans were left questioning why, but Capitol Hill Seattle blog responded with an answer yesterday: a $2.4 million bankruptcy filed by McCracken.

The $2.4 million bankruptcy of one of the pioneers of Pike/Pine’s explosion as a center of Seattle food and drink investment is behind the sudden closure of 12th Ave’s The Old Sage. While Brian McCracken’s neighboring Tavern Law has not made a similar announcement, rumors of a sale of the early player in Seattle’s renewed craft cocktail scene persist.

The blog delved into McCracken's reported finances, including $70,000 owed in taxes. CHS stated that Tough is not a part of the filing.

The Old Sage

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