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Cheese Wizards Food Truck Conjures a Restaurant in Interbay

Grilled cheese galore at the new brick and mortar

Cheese Wizards/FB

If you tire of chasing the Cheese Wizards food truck around Seattle, take solace in this news: Owners Tom and Bo Saxbe have also put down roots in Interbay, opening a brick and mortar restaurant at 3204 15th Avenue West earlier this month.

The brothers Saxbe are currently serving the same menu you'll find at the truck, with options revolving around tricked-out grilled cheese sandwiches combining ingredients like cream cheese, black forest ham, and salami. But the owners say the restaurant menu is likely to deviate from the norm over time, acting as a testing ground.

"We are planning on being pretty flexible with the space, a luxury that we are afforded by the success of the truck," Bo says. "In many ways, the cafe came about as an added bonus to our commissary requirements and we aren't terribly bound by its profitability. I think this will let us be a little more free to be creative with how we use it and give us a chance to take some fun risks with the menu."

The brothers are anticipating adding seasonal specials and breakfast and brunch choices, too. "Not to toot our own horn," Bo says, "but our already tasty sandwiches stray into amazeballs territory with an over-easy egg on board."

3204 15th Avenue W, website. Open Tuesday to Saturday 8 p.m.