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Updated: Top Restaurant Duo Opens Ciudad in Georgetown

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And it has Nick Coffey at the helm

A Ciudad mural by Stacey Rozich.
A Ciudad mural by Stacey Rozich.

Back in October, Eater reported on the pending opening of Ciudad, a partnership between Marcus Lalario (Li'l Woody's, Fat's Chicken and Waffles) and Matt Dillion (Sitka and Spruce, the Corson Building, Bar Sajor, and more). Now comes word that the restaurant opened yesterday with Nick Coffey running the kitchen. Coffey comes over from Capitol Hill's Barjot, which he says he departed about a month ago. He previously worked at Sitka and Spruce.

"The restaurant revolves around a large grill that sits in a open air space at the entrance," Coffey says. "The food will take influence from wherever grilled meat and culture is prevalent." Expect influences of Spain, Korea, Portugal, Lebanon, and more. And, if Coffey's work at Barjot is any indication, he'll incorporate an impressive array of from-scratch items like pickles, sausages, and pastes.

To start, Ciudad will be open for dinner only, but Coffey says lunch will soon follow.

6118 12th Ave S., (206) 717-2984, Facebook. Tuesday to Saturday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

nick coffey bar sajor courtesy of

Chef Nick Coffey at Bar Sajor. [Photo: Courtesy of Nick Coffey]

Update, 6/23/16: Here's a look at the menu, which Coffey says he's adding to every day: