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Portland's First Bone Broth Cafe Is Spilling Into Washington

Broth Bar hits Olympia first, but a Seattle outpost sounds likely

Mattie John Bamman/Eater PDX

Like juice for meat lovers, bone broth — basically, stock that has been made with roasted animal bones and simmered for a long time — is last year's trend that continues to seep into the public consciousness and the far corners of the country. Portland, Ore. got its own dedicated, sustainably-minded purveyor of the carnivore's cup in August 2015 when Broth Bar opened its doors; now the company has announced an expansion later this summer to Olympia's new food hall, 222 Market.

When 222 Market opens in August, Broth Bar will share the space with Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar, Blind Pig Spirits Distillery, The Bread Peddler bakery, Pantry Artisan Grocery, and more. In addition to sippable animal stock, Broth Bar sells goods from co-founder Tressa Yellig's business Salt, Fire, and Time, including kombucha, jerkies, and more. The Olympia store will also serve as a retail front for local producer OlyKraut's fermented vegetables.

As for future growth for the PDX-based company, Seattle can't be far behind. In a release, Yellig says, "Miami, LA, New York, Seattle, people want us to open a bone broth bar where they live. For the growing number of those who make bone broth part of their daily lifestyle, we do the time consuming work of sourcing bones and cooking bone broth for them, making it quick and convenient to grab a cup on the go or to take a quart home to drink throughout the week."

Broth Bar

Chicken broth with chicken hearts. [Photo: Mattie John Bamman/Eater PDX]

Broth Bar was viciously panned in at least one early review last year, but that hasn't stopped its momentum, and it's bound to continue making its way north. In the meantime, Seattleites, where do you get your bone broth fix?