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'Seattle's Ultimate Coffee Bar' Launching on Lower Queen Anne

Craftworks Coffee hopes to hold a soft opening next week

Atelier Drome/FB

Craftworks Coffee is in the works on Lower Queen Anne, aiming for an opening date of June 29. The venture at 110 Republican Street next to the Seattle Center hopes to become "Seattle's ultimate coffee bar," the website boasts.

The concept boils down to an educational coffee drinking experience, rather than just a way to start an intravenous caffeine drip to meet the basic needs of your addiction. While you learn about the product, you'll be able to order from a rotating menu of coffee from Pacific Northwest micro-roasters, including cold brew and nitro coffee on tap, plus a selection of non-caffeinated beverages. Atelier Drome, the architecture firm responsible for a whole slew of sexy restaurants, is behind the cafe design.

"We want to show customers how good coffee can be, without being covered up by milk or sugar or cream," says Jenny Lee of Craftworks. "Much like a wine bar, where people go to enjoy and learn about wine, Craftworks will be a place where people can come in and learn about coffee. We believe everyone should be aware of the great coffee that is out there and our goal is to present it in a relaxed environment and bridge the gap between coffee roasters and coffee drinkers without being pretentious or uncomfortable."

Craftworks will also feature a Poursteady, a device that mechanizes the brewing of a pour-over coffee with an eye towards precision. "We’re embracing the science behind each cup of coffee without losing the quality that goes into a handcrafted cup of coffee," Lee says.

Craftworks is planning a "soft opening" on June 29 with an official opening date of July 2.

110 Republican Street, website. Open Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.