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Scope Out Ethan Stowell's Second Tavolàta, Opening Today

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From Belltown to Capitol Hill

Ethan Stowell Restaurants will open its Tavolàta concept on Capitol Hill today, bringing a second iteration of the Belltown-born restaurant. The first Tavolàta opened in 2007 and marked the first modern Italian eatery for the restaurant group.

Eater stopped by over the weekend to take a look at the space. The Capitol Hill version has a 16-foot-long communal table at its center, just like the original; "tavolàta" means "table" in Italian, after all. The modern-industrial restaurant features salvaged wood, Douglas fir table tops, and large windows on two sides. There's also going to be an outdoor patio coming soon.

Expect a menu similar to the Belltown original, with handmade pastas, fresh vegetables, and hearty proteins. Chef Addam Buzzalini, who heads the kitchen at the Belltown restaurant, will also oversee the new location.

501 East Pike Street, (206) 420-8355, website. Open daily from 5 to 11 p.m. with happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m.