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Celebrated Stateside Team Opening Bar Next Door Tomorrow

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Foreign National has arrived

Barnard and Meyer

Capitol Hill's celebrated Stateside, a member of the Eater 38, has just announced that it will open its hotly anticipated next-door bar, Foreign National, tomorrow.

Announced back in January, the concept is "small cocktail lounge" with 25 seats and a menu with "an exotic cocktail list and Asian-inspired drinking snacks." The menu will feature five to seven of these drinking snacks that will rotate on a nightly basis, as well as cocktails "emphasizing unusual fresh ingredients as well as familiar products used in unfamiliar ways." The team has been previewing drinks on its social media accounts, with attractive standouts including a Long Thailand Iced Tea and a Singapore Sling.

The design comes courtesy of Callie Meyer, who is also responsible for the fetching Stateside decor. Foreign National is decidedly darker, with a vintage "loungey" vibe thanks to a retro disco ball and 70s-era wallpaper from France.

As things get going, expect regular concept dinners as well as periodic "Bia Hoi" parties ("fresh beer" in Vietnamese), designed in the style of Vietnam's beer cafes of the same name but revolving around small batch, local beer.

300 E Pike St, website. Open daily 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.


300 East Pike Street, , WA 98122 (206) 557-7273 Visit Website