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Greenwood Restaurants Regroup After Explosion

Updates on Mr. Gyros, Gorditos, and more

The Mr. Gyros truck overlooking its former brick and mortar home on Greenwood Ave N.
The Mr. Gyros truck overlooking its former brick and mortar home on Greenwood Ave N.
Adam H. Callaghan/Eater

Following the Greenwood gas explosion that leveled Mr. Gyros, Neptune Coffee, and a Quik Stop convenience store and damaged many other area establishments, the neighborhood is slowly but surely picking up the pieces. Many places, like Hummus Cafe and Chaco Canyon, have already returned to normal, replacing storefront windows and carrying on. Others have a longer road ahead. Here are updates on a few affected restaurants and bars.

MR. GYROS—This cheap eats favorite, which also has Ballard and Wallingford locations, is now parking its food truck most evenings in its old parking lot at 8411 Greenwood Ave N, roughly 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. Eventually, when construction begins, the area will be off-limits again, so enjoy it while you can.

GORDITOS—This Mexican eatery at 213 N 85th St has been posting renovation updates to its Facebook page. In the last couple, the Mexican eatery says things are moving quickly; there's no exact reopening date yet but "it will be soon!"

THE ANGRY BEAVER—Rocked by the explosion then a costly burglary, this hockey bar at 8412 Greenwood Ave N missed its busiest season, the NHL playoffs. Now, the company is hoping to finally reopen July 9, according to a recent Facebook post, in time for the Rio olympics in August. There's even a new jukebox and pool table, apparently.

BLEACHERS PUB—This one's not actually connected to the explosion, but PhinneyWood blog reports that classic dive bar Bleachers has purchased sports bar Bill's on Greenwood at 8560 Greenwood Ave N. Bleachers' current location at 8118 Greenwood Ave N will be demolished soon to make way for a new city park; both Bleachers and Bill's are expected to close this week, and the former hopes to reopen in its new location in July. The owners of Bill's, meanwhile, will focus on their other location on Capitol Hill, Bill's Off Broadway.

The Angry Beaver

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