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Try a 'Tornado Potato' in Seattle Soon

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The My Tornado Potato truck is making its way north

My Tornado Potato/FB

What's a Tornado Potato? Well, among other things it's a strong marketing tool, according to the history section on food truck My Tornado Potato's website: "As it has become an item that not many know how to describe, this alone has helped build a reputation for Tornado Potato."

It's also a potato on a stick, carved into a mesmerizing, elongated, unbroken spiral shape, then deep-fried and topped with things like sour cream and onion flavoring or ranch dressing — kind of like an edible Slinky. It's definitely an eye-catching conversation piece, and the kind of food that looks perfect for a state fair.

Now the six-year-old California-based company that serves it has entered the Pacific Northwest. Founder Chris Kim tells Eater a three-month market test last season gave him confidence that diners in Washington would love his signature dish as much as those in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona do. (He also admits expanding his operation to the top-left corner gave him the excuse to live in the Northwest, whose "beautiful atmosphere" he loves.)

my tornado potato official

The original Tornado Potato with sour cream and onion flavoring.

Kim has no intention of street vending yet, but you can book the My Tornado Potato truck for private events or keep an eye out at festivals for the Tornado Potato and other "tornadoed" items like zucchini, sweet potato, and a selection of sausages. This could help you forget about that Spiralizer you never use.