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Pioneering Bar Sajor Is Closed

And Rob Roy crowdfunds its new sibling bars

Bar Sajor.
Bar Sajor.
Suzi Pratt/Eater

PIONEER SQUARE—If you visit Bar Sajor's website, you'll now be greeted with a sad farewell message: "As of July 9 2016 Bar Sajor has closed her doors." It's not entirely clear why owner and James Beard Award-winner Matt Dillon (Sitka and Spruce, London Plane, and more) closed his elegant, wood-fired restaurant, a pioneer in a formerly daytime-only section of town that's now booming; Dillon did not respond to a request for comment by press time. Seattle Met spoke with the restaurateur, who went into little detail aside from saying, "Things move, but they don't always move with you." He also noted that a new owner of the space is forthcoming.

BELLTOWN—If you're sick of the Kickstarter model, Rob Roy owners Anu and Chris Elford are trying something slightly different, crowdfunding their businesses through Equity Eats. To help open travel-inspired Tiki bar Navy Strength and beer bar No Anchor, the duo are offering extra food and drink credits valid at all of their establishments to anyone that buys in (plus the possibility of other vaguely defined VIP exclusives). During the Early Bird Special, which lasts through today only, you can spend $500 and score $750 credit; $1,000 will net you $1,600. Starting tomorrow, the returns drop to $650 and $1,400 respectively. The Elfords are also hosting a $15 Navy Strength preview event August 1 for interested parties, discussing the opportunity and preparing some menu items.

Rob Roy

2332 2nd Avenue, , WA 98121 (206) 956-8423 Visit Website

Bar Sajor

323 Occidental Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98104