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Look Out for Taco Tuesdays at Greenwood's New Luna Azul

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Plus Italian Family Pizza's new digs and SpiceUp's Szechuan cuisine

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Luna Azul/FB

FIRST HILL—Steve and Jennifer Calozzi's Italian Family Pizza, forced to abandon its 1st Ave home downtown due to scheduled demolition of the building, was reported last summer to be moving to a new Pioneer Square home; instead, July 1 the beloved business with the giant East Coast-style pies relocated to a larger space up the hill. Capitol Hill Times has more, including a note that the owners are considering extending their hours and adding pasta to the menu in the future. 1028 Madison St, (206) 538-0040, Facebook. Open Monday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday noon to 10 p.m., Sunday noon to 9 p.m.

GREENWOOD—Last month a Latin American restaurant and catering operation called Luna Azul replaced Mexican spot La Botana on Greenwood Ave, and the handful of Yelp reviews are quite cheery about the food and cocktails. The food menu includes appetizers like stuffed jalapeños, shrimp ceviche, and quesadillas; soups like menudo and pork pozole; and a host of entrees from tamales, enchiladas, and tacos (of which you can snag four for $5 on Taco Tuesdays) to gorditas, pupusas, mole, and burritos — available original, wet (with sauce), or even breakfast-style at opening. Naturally, margaritas with house mix play a large role on the drink list, and there are all sorts of other specialties to round things out. 8852 1/2 Greenwood Ave, (206) 706-5392, websiteOpen Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

BELLTOWN—Around the time in late June when Eater shared a brief report about new Szechuan restaurant SpiceUp replacing Acquabar, the business entered soft-open mode; initial Yelp reviews generally favor the food over the service. The extensive menu is divided into appetizers (dan dan noodles, Chinese pancake, dumplings, and more), cold dishes (like ox tongue and tripe in chili sauce, Szechuan-style pickles, salted clams and vegetables), classics (double-cooked pork, dry-braised fish filets), vegetable (eggplants in garlic sauce, General Tso's tofu), fish/shell (crab, shimp, scallops), and chef's picks (braised lobster with taro, pickled cabbage and fish in soup, Chong Qing deep-fried chicken). 305 Bell St, (206) 954-0965.

Luna Azul

8552 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 706-5392

Italian Family Pizza

1028 Madison Street, , WA 98104 (206) 538-0040 Visit Website

Spiceup Szechuan Cuisine

305 Bell St, Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 728-2551