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Falafel Food Truck Teases Restaurant Expansion

Falafel Salam is planning a fall or winter opening

Falafel Salam/FB

Israel native Shimi Kahn first built a following for his falafel and fresh pita at the Fremont Sunday Market in 2009, later adding a food truck and a catering arm. Now, he's looking at opening a brick and mortar restaurant in the fall or winter for his Falafel Salam business.

The restaurant doesn't have a location but Kahn has ironed out his concept. He'll continue offering the same format available at the truck and markets: Diners can customize a sandwich with falafel, chicken shwarma, or lamb gyro, opt for a rice bowl or salad with the same three options, or pick a combination platter. Sides include dolmas, hummus, and garlic fries. Kahn uses organic local meat and other local ingredients when he can.

The restaurant will also include a "very popular concept in Tel-Aviv," Kahn says. Diners will pick from a buffet of mezze (small dishes) and a pickled vegetable bar with some 20 different options. "We plan on teaming up with farmers at the markets we attend and make some pickles like Seattle has never seen before," Kahn says.

The food truck locations and farmers market stands will continue to operate as normal after the restaurant opens. Kahn is weighing a few locations but can't hint at a neighborhood just yet. "Real estate changes so quickly, it makes no sense guessing until it is time to sign a lease," he says.