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Washington Minimum Wage Increase Likely on November's Ballot

Plus MTV's The Real World and a home-cooked-meal app

You probably won't run into any MTV reality stars at Canon.
You probably won't run into any MTV reality stars at Canon.

WASHINGTON—Based on the petition signatures collected by the Raise Up Washington campaign, expect to see a statewide minimum wage increase and paid sick leave on the ballot this November. KLCC reports, "Initiative 1433 would raise Washington's minimum wage from the current $9.47 per hour to $13.50 by 2020. It would also require employers to provide workers up to seven days of paid sick and safe leave a year beginning in 2018." The pay bump wouldn't be as high as Seattle's, which is on its way to $15 per hour, but it would still be a significant raise for those making the least, including restaurant workers.

CAPITOL HILL—With the 32nd season of MTV's The Real World filming now, CHS Blog is tracking the reactions of local businesses that have been asked to sign filming agreements. Canon, for example, is not playing ball, while Eltana says it has rejected the contract but will allow cast members in the establishment if they're not disruptive. Read on to see further reactions and the contract in full, which seems to offer little in the way of compensation to business owners.

SEATTLEJosephine, a Bay Area start-up, is expanding service to Seattle July 18. Rather than an instant, centralized meal delivery provider like GrubHub or Sprig, Josephine is "a marketplace that connects cooks to people in their neighborhood that want home-cooked meals," according to a spokesperson. Order up to two weeks in advance and then pick up a meal made by a neighbor at their home — or become that neighbor by signing up now to cook. Waxing rhapsodic about Josephine's potential to create a better future, Robin Sloan wrote in The Atlantic last year, "Josephine cultivates agency and expertise. It decentralizes, aims to build a dense mesh, neighborhood-scale; its mechanisms are public. It depends on humans developing their specific, idiosyncratic tastes and skills."